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Steve Gonser DPT

Steve Gonser graduated with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Daemen College, instantly applying his knowledge of human movement and functional anatomy to his passion for running. Steve is a 2x Ironman, including a 10:41 finish in Lake Placid and a Sub-3 hour marathoner.

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Top Down Running

Blog: RunSmart Online | 5 Apr 2015

To Race or Not to Race – Am I Crazy?
So, I want to run a marathon. Maybe. I was the girl in high school who dreaded (and I mean dreaded) the timed mile run. We were required to run it for gym class Posted by Erin Mauro PT DPT Published: Tue, Jul 26 2016
What My Dance Lessons Taught Me About Running…
“One and two and three and four. One and two and three and four,” I desperately try to move in sync with my counting. “Steve keep your elbow bent,” my teacher interjects—with just a Posted by Steve Gonser PT, DPT Published: Mon, Jul 25 2016
How to Dial into Race Pace
“It just felt so easy early on.” The gun sounds and you rocket through the starter shoot with a surge of adrenaline and what should be rested legs. You look down at your watch Posted by Steve Gonser PT, DPT Published: Tue, May 10 2016